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"Each year thousands of bands ride the rifts of each others sounds as they play their hearts and souls to gain steps to the spotlights of the main stage on Saturday night. But there are some who in the process of reaching for the spotlight do not realize how the spotlight shines upon them even when the lights aren't on.


The Green McDonough Band simply and undeniably packs authority! The axis of symmetry that escalates from the core of the drums and bass to the dominance of tempestuous finger flying strings of Rich McDonough. Then, crowning this four piece dynamic is the distinct, exemplification of vocals that surge through octaves and pierce your soul by claiming the Blues is Laura Green.


The incredible dynamics of this four piece power house undeniably ranks among the treasures of the 2017 International Blues Competition held in Memphis, Tennessee. If they aren't on your books for upcoming shows. You are missing out on the trifecta of stage, power and showmanship. The Blues is well and alive in The Green McDonough Band that reigns from St. Louis, MO."

Catherine Hernandez-Faber, Blues-E-News

Review of The Green McDonough Band’s 2017 IBC Performance, Memphis

"Wednesday was truly an awesome night of blues, opening act The Green McDonough Band, a St. Louis local group, put on a very impressive show. Made up of Laura Green (vocals) and Rich McDonough (guitar), they are a mix of dynamic vocals and truly excellent classic blues style guitar work. I will definitely be looking out for this group and trying to make it to some more of their shows, and if you love blues, you should too."

Ryan Ledesma, Midwest Rewind

"This album combines truly enjoyable, hook filled originals with fresh yet reverent takes on choice covers from the likes of J. B. Lenoir, Jimmy Lloyd Logsdon and Hank Ballard. A heaping portion of fantastic St. Louis blues with a shake or two of Texas twang - this is the cure for what ails ya right here. Take my advice, spin often for best effect and thank me later!"

East Side Slim, Host of Rhythm Highways on 88.1 KDHX

"Vocalist Laura Green and ace guitarist Rich McDonough were working in separate bands until they finally decided to form the Green McDonough Band at the beginning of 2016. The combination has definitely clicked. The new group toured Europe throughout April and May to major acclaim, and the debut recording showcases the exciting blend of Green’s powerhouse vocals and McDonough’s excellent six-string playing."